Our organic agave sweetener is of natural origin and comes from the blue agave plant.
It is an alternative to conventional sweeteners, enriched with inulin, a prebiotic fiber.
It has achieved to be one of the most complete organic sweeteners available in the market.



Low glycemic Index

Food low on GI makes glucose rise slowly, without causing blood sugar peaks nor sudden releases of insulin, which makes the energy coursing through our organism last longer. A low GI diet raises the levels of good cholesterol, reduces triglycerides, lowers cardiac risk and reduces the possibility of suffering from obesity.

30% sweeter than sugar

Because it is sweeter than regular sugar, it can be used in minor portions to sweeten food or beverages.

Boosts flavor in food and beverages

Intensifies the flavor in foods without altering it, like other sweeteners do.

High solubility

It dissolves easily, therefore it does not crystallize and does not need refrigeration.


It has no animal origin, so it can be consumed by people with this eating regime.

GMO Free

It is a product in which no type of genetic engineering technique due to its origin 100% natural.

Gluten Free

It does not contain any type of cereal like wheat, rye, barley or oat, preventing inadvertent contaminations and any type of dietary transgression


No synthetic product is used in the making of our products. Organic agriculture is a strictly regulated industry and special certifications, which our products have, are required.

Contains Fiber

Our products provide the benefits of fiber, including improved digestion.


• Confectionery Industry

Products include popsicles, marshmallows, candies, chewing gum and chocolate.

• Jams

Products include jellies, fruit jams and spreadable creams.

• Beverages

Products include coffee drinks, juices, sodas, teas, smoothies and energy drinks.

• Baking

Products include cookies, cakes, bread, gelatin and a variety of desserts.

• Cereals and granolas

Products include cereals with fruit and granola, as well as snack and energy bars.

• Dairy industry

These include cow’s milk, almond milk, coconut milk, rice milk, yogurt, shakes and smoothies and ice cream.

• Spices

Products include seasonings, dressings and sauces.

• Cosmetics

Products include lotions, hair products, face masks and oils.


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